Harkamp BRUT Rosé - BIO, Demeter Mini

Harkamp BRUT Rosé - BIO, Demeter Mini

Füllmenge: 375-ml
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A highly elegant rosé sparkling wine, distinguished by its tight spiciness and captivating fruitiness. Red berries, white nougat, and roasted hazelnuts, combined with subtle yeast notes. A long-lasting mousse, with a mineral creamy finish, beautifully complements the Brut Rosé.


BIO - Demeter / Sparkling Wine Austria Styria g.U. grape Varieties: Pinot Noir | Pinot Blanc soil: Shell Limestone alcohol: 12.0% on the lees: Minimum 18 months dosage: 4.0 g/l total SO2: below 50 mg/l