Uncompromisingly Respectful

Respecting nature and understanding holistic connections is our path to natural quality. In our vineyards, we abstain from using chemically synthesized pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and mineral fertilizers. Instead, we rely on the use of preparations and homeopathic teas. Biodynamic preparations help maintain the balance of forces and strengthen the soil and the plants.

Harnessing the forces of the soil

Vibrant wines require lively soils. Biodiversity and soil health are, therefore, very central factors in biodynamics. By maintaining eco-islands, we create habitats for insects and animals that contribute to the vitality of our cultural landscape. Since 2020, we only mow in our vineyards during the winter. The flowering strips that remain ensure the survival of up to 30,000 wild bees and insects per hectare. The buzzing and humming in the vineyards get louder every year, while we grow a bit quieter. The daily contact with the grapevines fosters a close relationship between humans and nature.

Simply natural

Our work in the cellar is characterized by mindfulness and responsibility. We let nature take its course, interfere as little as possible, and give the wines time to fully unfold. We rely on whole-cluster pressing and spontaneous fermentation, and we refrain from fining and filtration.

Through the cycles of a natural, biodynamically managed agriculture, our wines and sparkling wines evolve in an even more uncompromising and precise direction, thus expressing the full potential of their Sausal origin.

The animals

The closed cycle of biodynamics also includes the animal kingdom. For several years now, Shropshire sheep and colorful chickens have been frolicking in our vineyards. Franzi, our rooster, firmly keeps his hens in check and wakes us up very early every morning with his crowing. The sheep are our most undemanding companions. They take care of mowing, clearing undergrowth, fertilizing, and even leafing.

Our animals teach us to understand the natural cycle of the seasons. They have a calming effect and bring us back from our hectic daily routines into a slower, more balanced world.



The people

Our employees are very important to us. Only a friendly team spirit creates an atmosphere in which the work in the vineyard and in the cellar can be carried out with a lot of love and passion.

The passion for producing unadulterated, authentic wines and sparkling wines is very important to us. Such wines can only be successful if every single employee stands behind it with conviction. This doesn’t happen overnight but in small, gradual steps. The longer one engages with vibrant vineyards and puristic wines, the deeper the relationship between the winemaker and their team becomes with the vineyards and the wines that result from them.

„Bringing vineyards into balance takes a lot of time and patience. The advantage is simplicity. By avoiding additives such as commercial yeast and enzymes, we save time and deliberation, allowing us to invest more energy in other areas.“
Hannes Harkamp